Riyadh Metro Buses

Bus Metro Overview

Because one carrier can’t be enough!!

Introducing you to the Riyadh Bus Network that is integrated with the Riyadh Metro Network to give you the best public transit mode through many lines that cover main streets, highways and sub-streets.

Riyadh Bus Network allows you to move between (from / to) Riyadh metro stations, it also carries you over the residential areas and future residential expansion of the city. This network will play a key role in reducing the numbers of cars on Riyadh streets, as well as the amount of pollutions and energy consumption.

Bus Network

Riyadh Bus Network delivers its service in 3 levels:

  • Dedicated Bus Lines
  • Community Lines
  • Feeder Lines

Level One

Dedicated Bus Lines

This level consists of (3) lines with total length (154) KM and 108 stations bi-directional routes that extended to cover the following roads:

  • Al Kharj road extended north to Salah Al Deen Al Ayoubi, then King Abdul Aziz road till Prince Saud bin Mohammad bin moqren.
  • Hamza bin Abdul Mutaleb – Dirab Road- Prince Mohammad bin Abdul Rahman Road.
  • From the intersection between Khaled bin Al Waleed street with Imam Saud bin Abdul Aziz Bin Mohammad till Khurais road, till Imam Al Shaafi road where cross with Prince Saad bin Abdul Rahman Al Awal.

Level Two

Community Lines

They connect the residential districts with each other, they are 19 community lines with total 904 KM for bi-directional routes, and it covers many streets of Riyadh, such as:

  • Al Takhasousi Street
  • Al Oruba Road
  • Abi Baker Al Seddiqe Road
  • Omar bin Abdul Aziz Road.
  • Othman bin Affan Road
  • Haron Al Rasheed Road.
  • Saeed bin Zaid Road.

Level Three

Feeder Lines

Operates inside residential areas with a total length (825) KM for round trip, they cover most of the Riyadh districts. The operator covers these districts through a network of buses, taking the passengers to and from metro stations in high flexibility and efficiency.


Stations have been designed to fit the different levels of network in terms of design, space, and functions. Additionally the Vehicle Tracking System, and passengers’ information system aim to increase the efficiency of bus network operating.

This system can present an instant & updated information to passengers about journey times. Furthermore, the public transit system will have an integrated ticketing system for metro and bus that help passengers to use one unified ticket to move between all lines of the project (Bus & Metro).

Riyadh Bus Project has 4 categories of stations:

  • Iconic Station
  • BRT Station (Bus Rapid Transit)
  • Community Station
  • Feeder Station
Park & Ride

Riyadh Bus Project is always thinking about the city’s citizens.

Thus, this project is always working to bring the best public transit experience to Riyadh city. That’s why it presents you 4 locations of Park & Ride with 200-600 vehicle capacity. These Park & Ride facilities will help you to find a parking space for your car then use one of Riyadh Bus to arrive to your preferred destination.

These Park & Ride locations will complement the park and ride locations to offer 25 locations that serve the Public Transit Project (Metro & Bus) and serve Riyadh citizens to the fullest.

The one design for buses

One Design and Modern Touch!

The Riyadh Bus Project introduce you a wide range of buses that operates on different lines cover Riyadh city. Riyadh Bus Project has chosen unified design for these buses in order to highlight the new modern face for Public Transit Project broadly and Riyadh city in particularly.

The design of Riyadh Bus is integrated with the design of Riyadh Metro in order to present a unified Public Transit image. Riyadh Bus project has the highest specifications regarding to safe and safety.

Housing and Maintenance Centers

The Riyadh Bus Project has 4 Housing and Maintenance centers, including warehouses & garages required to do periodical maintenance works, they also have facilities for staff & laborers, who are responsible for the: operating, maintenance, and housing for the bus fleet.

Housing and Maintenance Centers are providing the best maintenance and preparation service to buses fleet to ensure the best performance in Riyadh Streets.

Passengers and information Systems

The Riyadh Bus Project presents passengers and information systems that allow to control bus network and manage the following items:

  • 5000 Passengers information panels.
  • 80 Buses lines.
  • 1000 Traffic intersections.
  • 842 Buses

The most important project components:

  • 750 on-board unit.
  • Foot fall Meter (count the number of passengers)
  • 150 Traffic light Controllers to give priorities to Buses on BRT intersection
  • 4000 Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI).
  • Preparation for Operating centers, servers, operation, incidents response, and training rooms, in addition to control system software and fleet tracing.