Delilat Arriyadh

Delilat Arriyadh App

ADA has launched “Delilat Arriyadh App”, it’s free app allows cars drivers and motorists to download it into their smart phones, this app will help them to identify the best alternative ways to go inside the city. This app will show the highly crowded roads precisely, also it will determine the level of traffic jam by using Colors Traffic Information Technology. This app offers also full navigations for roads and destinations that user want to go to. The app is designed with Arabic / English voice guidance and allowing 3D Vision for roads.

Features of Delilat Arriyadh App

Voice Navigation without internet connections

The app contains an integrated navigation program for Riyadh city. Periodically updated with no need for internet connection.

Instant update for Traffic Jam areas

This app has an instant update feature for traffic jam across the city roads and round the clock.

Colors to determine roads conditions:

This app is showing numbers of colors to determine traffic conditions on roads. For instance dark red is referring to huge traffic, while light red is referring to medium traffic, and the light red is referring to light traffic. And of course the green color is referring to regular traffic.

Changing routes during the journey

The application is offering an accurate details about alternative roads and traffic detours caused by Riyadh metro project works.

3D Dimensions View for roads

The Application is offering Voice Navigation by both Arabic and English with 3D View, besides allowing the search service to find specific destination.

Saving and Sharing Routes

The application is allowing users to save routes that they use them on daily basis, also they can share these routes with others, through different channels: SMS, E -Mail, and all social media.
This application is distinguished by giving clear direction (step by step), without having any bad effect on phone functions, the application is sending notifications to users in case there’s any new updates for application or weathers.

Download Delilat Arriyadh App

Download Delilat Arriyadh App