Riyadh Students’ drawing creative Artworks of Riyadh metro project in “Creative Hands” Event

The Riyadh General Education Administration has launched the “Creative Hands” Outdoor Art Event in cooperation with the Arriyadh Development Authority and Public Transit Visitor Center in contribution of many schools.

This wonderful event took place in presence of ADA Vice President of Programs and Projects Architect Al-Walid Bin Abdulrahman Al Ikresh and the Riyadh Education Administration Director of Students’ Activities Dr. Anwar Bin Abdullah Abu Abah at Riyadh Public Transit Visitor Center. The event was to celebrate this outstanding national project and introduce the Riyadh Metro to new generations.

The students expressed their creative thoughts and ideas by drawing Artworks of Public Transit Network (Metro & Bus) based on their perceptions of this national project.

The Riyadh Education Administration Director of Student’s Activity Dr. Anwar was pleased in the capabilities shown by the students of different ages and educational grades, when he saw their paintings.  He said: “We had 170 participants from 70 schools taking part in this wonderful festival.”

Architect Al Walid welcomed participated students and he said: “Riyadh Public Transit Visitor Center is aiming to introduce the Riyadh Public Transit Network to the local community.  We have different parts within the visitor center which allow the visitors to walkthrough project’s journey and introduce them to the different parts of the project – both the physical network and service.  We do this by using cutting-edge Audio-Visual technology and interactive screens, in addition to many mock ups, information boards, pictures and infographics, which let the visitors experience the different part of the project’s elements. Moreover we present full explanation about the cultural & ethical aspects of using Public Transit Network.

The Head of Arts Activity Mr.Suliman Al Rowaished said: “This is the second season of this program.   We thank Arriaydh Development Authority for inviting us to visit this amazing landmark and embracing this artistic activity, which merges artistic and national values at one venue.

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