HRH Prince Faisal Bin Bandar chaired the 14th meeting of the High committee of Public Transit Project

HRH Prince Faisal Bin Bandar Bin Abdulaziz Chairman of the Council of Riyadh Development Authority and the president of High Committee of the Riyadh Public Transit Project chaired the 14th meeting of the High Committee of the Riyadh Public Transit Project which was held on Sunday, 17th September 2018 in Riyadh Public Transit Visitor Center.

His Highness observed: “In this meeting we reviewed a number of items relating to the project we awarded some of project’s contracts which will start soon.

He was pleased to see the first of the new buses to Riyadh city and seeing a full size mockup of one of the new bus stations.  Together these will provide a modern bus service for Riyadh citizens in the next year.

His Highness continued: “The Riyadh Public Transit Project is being built by national hands and great colleagues from every committee.   We have made many achievements since the start of the project and today progress is at 75%.  This shows that the project is on the right track that has been determined by HRH King Salman Bin Abdulaziz.  We are looking forward to fully completing this megaproject and providing a service which will delight the Saudi nation and citizens.

Awarding the telecommunication contract for the bus Project.

CEO of Riyadh Development Authority Mr. Tariq Bin Abdulaziz Al-Faris said: We agreed to award telecommunication service contracts (operating and maintenance) for the Riyadh Bus Project for 10 years. The contracts were awarded to:

  • MOBILY telecommunication company: to provide the service of operating and maintenance of the overall telecommunication network within the Bus Project.
  • Saudi Telecommunication STC: to provide operating and maintenance services for the telecommunication network for the Smart Traffic Light Project within the Bus Project.

Work under progress in 250 Sites:

Mr Al-Faris also said: “We reviewed the results of naming rights proposals for some of the Riyadh metro stations.   ADA had previously launched this competition for investors from domestic and international private sector, and we will announce the final results soon.”

Mr Al-Faris continued: “We reviewed also the work progress of Riyadh Metro project, there are many works ongoing at 250 sites over the whole network and across the city of Riyadh.

“These works are: Construction works ay 85 Iconic & Ordinary stations and 7 depots.  We have we already fully completed all deep tunnel and viaduct construction works.  Progress on at-grade lines is at 93%, urban enhancement works have started in the vicinity of some lines.

Implementation of BUS Project’s lines and stations in 650 sites across the city:

During the meeting, a work progress presentation of Riyadh BUS Project was made.  This project is the second element of Riyadh Public Transit Project.  The new bus network will cover 1900 KM i.e. the whole city.

Bus Network consists of 3 different levels of line:

  • BRT Network with 3 lines and cover 103 KM
  • Ordinary Network with 19 lines and cover 910 KM
  • Feeder Network with 58 lines and cover 892 KM.

The Bus Project will deliver 2,860 bus stations and stops offering four different service levels. Features include: seating, advertisement screens, ticket vending machines, passenger information screens and audible information, in addition to 6 park and ride locations and 4 sites of Depots placed across the city of Riyadh.

The Bus Project has 842 vehicles with different capacities (110/70/65 passenger).  They have been built to the highest standards with a unified and integrated design with Riyadh metro car. And for the first time in the region, these buses will use cleaner fuel and they will have handicapped access & facilities as well as onboard Wi-Fi.

Currently, construction of Bus stations and Bus stop is ongoing, in addition to the installation of BRT line infrastructure with works at more than 650 sites across the city. The manufacturing of Buses is also ongoing further, with the first buses in Riyadh underground operational testing.

The bus system will be fully integrated with the Riyadh metro network, feeding the metro network and moving the passengers around the city.  This will help reduce car usage and improve connectivity between business centers, malls and residential districts.

After the meeting, The CEO of Riyadh Development boarded one of the BRT Buses, and he closely experienced its service and technology that are considered state of the art..

His Royal Highness witnessed a bus station mock-up that had Ticketing Vending Machine, Information Screen and Safety & Security system.


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