Riyadh metro open the detour of Olaya road with Al Orouba Road

Riyadh metro open the detour of Olaya road with Al Orouba Road

ADA has announced launching a new traffic detour on the blue line (Al Olaya – Al Batha’a), starting from 28 July 2016, the objective of this traffic detour is to facilitate implementation one of Riyadh metro stations.

The new traffic detour location is on the intersection between Al Olaya with Al Orouba road beside Kingdom tower. This traffic detour had to close Al orouba road in both direction east and west, precisely on the intersection with al olaya road. The local traffic detour is available between Al Olaya road and Mosa’ed Al Ankari Street.



The traffic detour has alternative roads for motorist coming from West to East by Orouba road, They can heading South through Al Olaya road then heading east by using Khaled bin Yazeed street then going North by using Mosa’ed Al Ankari street to get back to Al Oroba road again.

And for motorists coming from East to West by Al Oroba road, they can heading North through Mosa’ed Al Ankari street, then to the west through Prince Sultan bin Salman street, and finally turn South to Al Olaya street to reach to Al Orouba Street again.

This traffic detour had also some traffic improvements, such as removing the traffic light on the intersection between Olaya and Oruba, reduce the time of the traffic light on the intersection between King Fahad road and Oruba road. To save time and reduce traffic jam.

Also there’s more facilitations for entering and exiting the affected zone of project works, in parallel ADA has launched the new update of Dalilat Arriyadh app that allows drivers to know more about the locations of traffic detours and best alternative ways to drive.
This app is available on smart phones’ e-stores, or through Riyadh metro website www.riyadhmetro.sa

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