Obtained an increase in traffic to Public Transit Visitor Center during the mid-term vacation

The contest titled “Discover the Future of Riyadh” has gained substantial traffic during the mid-term vacation. This contest was launched by Riyadh Development Authority to attract guests to the Riyadh Public Transit Visitor Center. It got a wide response from Saudi families who came to visit the center with their children in order to know more about the Public Transit Network Project within fun and educational ambient.

The activities of Discover the future of Riyadh are ongoing up till Saturday, January 3, 2019. RDA has prepared many prizes to be distributed on participants of daily lucky draw.

The idea of the contest is based on providing the guests with a “brochure” that has many facts & figures about the King Abdul Aziz Public Transit Project (Metro & Bus). In addition to a number of questions that visitors can easily answer them through looking at the figures in the brochure itself or by listening to information during the tour that usually presenting by tour guides in both Arabic & English.

The visitor center is considered as one of the most prominent educational and entertaining destinations in the city of Riyadh. This center is aiming to introduce the King Abdul Aziz Public Transit Project (Metro & Bus). It consists of a range of displays and exhibits that presents the story and progress of the project. Identifying the network, components, elements, and service by using audio-visual techniques, films, interactive screens, and infographics which take the visitor into a dynamic experience.

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