Applying the highest standards in Riyadh Metro work environments

Applying the highest standards in Riyadh Metro work environments

Arriyadh development authority has set the highest international standards for King Abdul Aziz Public Transit Project (Train & Bus) regarding to work environment and housing on different levels. These standards cover all imported workforce in all consortia and establishments of the projects.
The regulations include the proper residency for all workforce inside the project, and verification that they getting all their financial and legal rights according to Saudi labor regulation system.

Furthermore, Arriyadh Development Authority worked consistently to meet all life requirements of the labors inside the residential compounds, special labors compounds has been established for them in selected areas in the city. They have been designed in similar style to the highest standards of integrated residential compounds in the world, these established compounds distinguished by safety and convenience mode, in addition to providing first health care and having many facilities beside dormitories, also they have open areas, kitchens, food courts and multi-functions halls, sports ground and finally administration and security departments.

Arriyadh Development Authority has held many workshops in coordination with Public Administration of Civil Defense, and made many studies in order to deliver the highest safety standards. In addition to creating joint call center with competent authorities to prevent any accidents and complete the project to the fullest whereby timeline.

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